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Pyaari Weddings

Plan your South Asian wedding for free in less than 5 mins!

Manali Shah

  • Project Description

    South Asian weddings in the US are intricate and extravagant, costing up to $15K in wedding planning and taking 1-2 years of time. Instead, what if you could plan it for free in under 5 mins? is a South Asian wedding directory where couples can shop for wedding vendors based on pricing, reviews, and more; add them to their ‘cart;’ and check out with a customized, a-la-carte wedding plan in less than 5 mins. Think of a cross between The Knot and Amazon.
    Pyaari Weddings
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    South Asian weddings in the US are big. We’re talking 30K weddings a year, with an average cost of $285K/wedding, making for a $70B industry. And, they’re growing. The South Asian population is growing 9X that of the US’ population with one of the highest marriage rates at 85%. However, until now, there have been virtually no wedding planning services available for South Asian couples to tap into, other than advice from family & friends, or hyper expensive specialized wedding planners. Until now! The market is taking off & it's time to service it.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    Our competitive advantage can be described as the following: -We save our customers $15k from not having to hire a wedding planner. -We save our customers 1-2 years of time in wedding planning. -We have a 1st mover advantage: We are the only ones in the marketplace that offer a product targeted towards making South Asian wedding planning easier. -Our idea has received tremendous market response, being featured on Yahoo! News, Poets & Quants, and others. -The market is HUGE, and unserved, until now!

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    Pyaari Weddings will be using the grant proceeds primarily for hiring web developers, digital marketers, and growing our online presence. Specifically, we will be hiring a back-end website developer from Fiver to develop our website. So far, the quotes have come in around $4,250 total. Next, we will hire a freelance digital marketing associate to help us grow our Instagram, other social media, and online web presence and following. We estimate this will cost about $4,500/year. Lastly, we will be contracting with an SEO company to help us get our foot off the ground organically. So far, we received quotes of about $3,500/year. All of this will help us spread our idea to our target market and get traction & feedback to expand & iterate.